Webcast Series:
Step Up Your NSX Learning

Join this 4-part webinar series, hear from our VMware experts and increase your learning at no cost to you and from the convenience of your desk.

Take the opportunity to learn how to increase security and agility in the data center network while reducing cost and complexity by automating IT workflows. This series of brief webcasts demonstrates how VMware NSX can help you capitalise on network virtualization and move from hardware-centric to software-centric networking—without disruption to your existing environment. We'll also discuss best practices and new approaches that can help your business gain new levels of control, ensure compliancy and data security.

The webinar series is aimed at IT Professionals who are looking to Step Up their learning. So don't miss out and see how NSX is revolutionizing the industry.

Step Up Your NSX Learning Webcast Series:

Topic: Your Path to the Software-Defined Data Centre: Virtualize & Secure the Network with VMware NSX
Date: On-Demand

Network virtualization brings all the advantages of software to the network, creating the most flexible, secure approach to building and maintaining data and applications. By moving to a virtual network, you'll be able to gain new levels of agility and control, improve accuracy, and control costs.

Be part of this session and discover how to bring the operational networking model to the level of a virtual machine, so you can transform the economics of your network and security operations.

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Topic: The New Era of Data Centre Agility: An Analysis of Hardware vs. Software-Centric Approaches
Date: On-Demand

As software-centric networking has emerged as a force in data center networking, we've witnessed two principal approaches that are gaining a foothold in enterprise data centers: software-defined networking (SDN) and network virtualization. We've also seen these two terms become blurred, and even used interchangeably. The confusion is understandable.

Join us for this webcast to get clarity on these approaches and why network virtualization is a true software-centric approach to networking.

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Topic: Achieving Real IT Automation: The NSX Advantage
Date: On-Demand

Network virtualization dramatically accelerates the delivery of IT services without major re-architecting, ripping, and replacing physical networks. Early adopters of network virtualization are achieving impressive results by automating IT processes that were once manual, lengthy, and error-prone.

In this webcast we will focus on how VMware NSX enables businesses to move to network virtualization highlighting the key use cases.

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Topic: Why Data Center Networking is Ready for Change featuring Customer Spotlight on Novamedia
Date: On-Demand

A key advantage of network virtualization is to create, provision, and manage virtualized networks entirely in software, making networks more agile and secure, without disrupting your existing environment.

In this webcast, you will learn how VMware NSX transforms your existing infrastructure without ripping and replacing your existing environment. This session features a Customer Spotlight on Novamedia,– a leader in global giving to charities around the world, hear how they turned to VMware's network virtualization to enable them to scale rapidly to meet a global audience as well as securing their highly confidential financial data.

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