University Challenge: Cyber Attacks in Higher Education

Today data is widely regarded as one of the most valuable assets any business can have; most understand it has to be fiercely guarded from competitors and other parties unauthorised to access it. Yet with recent high profile data breaches highlighting how frequent and damaging a cyber attack can be, it shouldn't be a surprise that cyber crime is now the fastest growing economic offence.

With attention frequently focused on the threats faced by commercial businesses, it is important to remember that public sector organisations in the UK such as universities are also increasingly at risk from cyber crime. Their status as world-leading research institutions also makes them a prime target. If their information falls into the wrong hands, the consequences can be serious, from anticompetitive commercial practices, to threats to national security, as well as the usual risks of identity fraud and financial crime.

This report explores the steps universities can take to protect against today's increasingly sophisticated threat landscape and to ensure that their intellectual property (IP) remains in safe hands.



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