Today, the end-user is the target.

Today's digital business is challenged by fast-evolving threats, created by malicious actors motivated with an unprecedented financial incentive.

End-users have become the target, as they are ultimately trusted with sensitive corporate data and direct access to applications.

How attackers are taking advantage:

  • Application release time pressures have meant some new applications contain zero-day vulnerabilities, where O/S patching and anti-virus doesn't help.
  • Legacy applications have dropped off the patching schedule or contain code written by developers who've long-since moved on.
  • Shadow IT where the business itself has bypassed IT, and gone directly to the public cloud – evading all the usual perimeter security controls.
  • Endpoints running well-known operating systems, mail clients and browsers – each with exploit tool-kits available for purchase.

Join TECH DAY Online 2017 to find out

  • Can virtualization – integrated with endpoint protection – be leveraged to dynamically secure the application in both private and public clouds?
  • If security could be aligned to application components, then linked to endpoint protection and management – could this mean an effective "blast-radius" around an infected application?

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