vSAN continues to drive the rapid growth of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), adopted by more than 8,000 customers. One of the most popular HCI consumption models is the vSAN ReadyNode – pre-configured, tested and certified x86 servers designed for optimal HCI performance. Today, we have more than 300 pre-configured ReadyNodes listed in our vSAN Compatibility Guide, which includes certified CPUs, memory, network, I/O controllers and storage options available from our OEM partners across the globe.

While pre-configured vSAN ReadyNodes ensure excellent HCI performance, some users need the flexibility to use another capacity tier device or a different processor in their ReadyNode. In this webcast, we will explore what you can and can’t change in a pre-configured ReadyNode. We’ll also talk about Day 0 availability for ReadyNodes with the new Intel Purley server platform, and discuss:

  • The high level certification process conducted by our vSAN ReadyLabs
  • vSAN Hardware Market Segmentation
  • Guidelines on building your own ReadyNode with certified components
  • Brief review of vSAN Hardware Guidance

Featured Speaker

Biswapati Bhattacharjee

Senior Product Manager

Biswapati is in the vSAN Product Management team in the Storage and Availability Business Unit and owns vSAN hardware enablement. He has extensive experience in a range of roles including: technical marketing, quality engineering, performance benchmarking, pre-sales technical, project management, customer interaction, and technical consultancy.


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